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It is never a waste of time to choose to play Darts.

Discover the captivating world of darts, where precision meets excitement in an electrifying display of skill and strategy. Step up, embrace the challenge, and unleash your inner champion as you aim for glory with every dart thrown.

Interactive Darts

Experience the thrill and precision of darts, the ultimate pub game that guarantees endless hours of fun and friendly competition.

Sports Lounge

Welcome to our brand new sports lounge! Try your hand at table tennis, table football, pool on our new full size table, darts, and European craze Subsoccer.

Darts, like you’ve never seen them before.

With up to 12 players in doubles or 6 players in singles the Unicorn Smartboard® is suitable for all abilities or challenge the Scorebuddy® Robot to test yourself.


No need to book any of our sports.

Games are available to play by the half hour, ask at the bar to pay and we will give you the equipment. Prices start from £4 per 30 minutes.

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